You won’t believe the reason that your website is failing
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You won’t believe the reason that your website is failing

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Creating a website is hard. Creating a successful website is a lot harder. Below we compiled a list of the top 7 most common reasons why your website is failing. Do you agree or disagree? Tell us in the comments below.

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The Payment Option or Contact Form is Broken

Have you ever tested the contact form on your website? Have you ever tried to purchase an item on your own website?

It may seem like a silly exercise and yet we suggest to run this test at least once a month.

Go ahead and try it. Please run this test even if you’re certain that everything is working.

You will find this experience very enlightening. You will likely discover many things that will help make the purchasing process a lot easier for your customers.

Doesn’t work on all Browsers (and mobiles)

This is usually a big source of embarrassment for website owners once they realize this mistake.

Your website may look perfect in chrome or Firefox, but when you open up internet explorer you may see a total mess. The menu bar may be flying off to one side. The logo may have vanished. The text might be massive and showing up in a different font.

Here is a good link to test your website out on all browsers:

Sometimes the website will work well on all computer browsers, but looks dreadful on mobiles. Ensuring that your website is mobile friendly is very important.

The Website Organization is a Mess

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This is one of the most common mistakes we see. Very often, the person/developer who created the website doesn’t have experience creating professional websites.

What may be rudimentary for a professional will likely be completely foreign to a novice. Only with proper experience can one learn techniques to harness eye-tracking heat-map research or understanding the types of codes to use and/or avoid. These critical decisions end up determining how successful the final website will be and whether it will generate sales.

No Social Media

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This one is obvious. Make sure that you are set up properly on the social media Networks that are relevant to the demographic that you’re trying to target. Make sure that you use the social media regularly and consistently, and that the content that you put up is high quality.

Bad Graphics

Skipping over ugly websites

Few things chase away prospective customers like bad graphics and poorly executed design. Mismatched colors and elements will distract your visitors and leave them with a bad taste. There will be many users who won’t even know why they were turned-off, but the end result will be the same. They’ll find a more professional website and will unlikely ever give you another chance.

Trust Factor

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To gather customers and convert leads into sales, you need to build trust. If a users arrives at your website and doesn’t feel that they can trust you, your entire website has been wasted. There are many techniques that we use to build trust between the website and the customers. This critical ingredient is often the only difference between success and failure.

Not Optimizing for Google

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There is a reason that this one is number 1. If you created your website correctly, Google should be generated your highest source of quality traffic. Free traffic.

Many experts will tell you that buying links or hiring a cheap SEO company is the way to go to improve this problem. We’ve seen the results, and we can tell you definitively, the cheap options don’t work out in the long run.

Unless you’re paying upwards of $1500/month to a very reputable company, I’m afraid to tell you that you are wasting your money. You may see early results, but after that initial spike the website will likely fall far below where it started off at, or possibly even risk getting thrown off Google entirely.

According to our research (and that of many other leading SEO companies), the most important part of optimizing your website for SEO is ensuring that every element of the website is following the guidelines and standards that Google demands. It sounds a lot easier than it really is. Google have a wide range of specific requirements. There are very few SEO companies that are able to do this for their clients, and therefore many businesses find themselves not receiving all the Google traffic that should be coming to their website.

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Do you know someone who needs this advice? Feel free to share this link with them!

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