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Our Web Designing Process

We use a proprietary system to create our state-of-the-art websites:

  1. Presentation. The campaign manager works with the graphic designers to create elaborate graphic presentations, detailing all the visual elements of the website.
  2. Construction. The programmers and coders take the graphic design layouts and write the code for the website.
  3. Edits. The campaign manager and programmers work together with the client to ensure that all the details of the website are ready for the launch.
  4. Optimization. The SEO specialists work with the code and do an initial run through the website, preparing it for early SEO optimization.

 How much will a Website cost?

Basic website development starts at $7,500.

In order to receive an accurate quote for website development, we need to know more about your project. Please provide us with a brief description of your project in the contact form below.

Our Portfolio

Take a look at some of our past projects!
Estate Diamond Jewelry on Computer and iPad

Estate Diamond Jewelry

5 star group on computer

Five Star Group

Luminaryel Screenshot and guitar


Mr Aberthon Portfolio Laptop by the sea

Mr Aberthon

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