Top Recommended WordPress Plugins for Every Website
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Top Recommended WordPress Plugins for Every Website

There are millions of WordPress Plugins that people are using for their WordPress websites. Most of them are dreadful.

Here’s a list of the top 20 Plugins that I recommend to use. This list is compiled to avoid plugins that are slow, that isn’t updated regularly, that have a bad design, or that aren’t userfriendly.

My general opinion of plugins is to avoid them unless you need them. Plugins slow the website down. Don’t install a plugin on your website unless it is giving you overwhelming value!

All the Plugins on my list are 100% FREE!

Yoast Plugin (SEO)

There are A LOT of plugins designed to optimize your website for the basic SEO guidelines. Yoast is the best. It’s light on the system. It’s robust. And most importantly, it’s very easy (for non-developers) to use.

The plugin comes out with a continuous stream of updates. They’re always up to date.

I know that there are other plugins that also do SEO, but Yoast surpasses them!

Autoptimize (Speed)

This plugin is a critical plugin, especially for users who have their WordPress Hosted on a shared server. Yes, that’s most of you reading this article.

Autoptimize will minify (crush small) all your HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It will also do a lot more!

The reason why this plugin is so important is because the more robust programs like WP-Rocket and W3 Cache are blocked by so many servers. GoDaddy for example won’t let you go near any other caching program aside for their garbage one.

Autoptimize, for now, is still permitted!

It can speed-up your website by leaps. Strongly recommend it.

Here’s a video guide on how to set it up.

Redirection (SEO)

This plugin will help manage redirects within your website. This plugin can save your website from a lot of 404 errors.

There are a lot of advanced options for it, but the beginner user doesn’t need to know them. Just download it and then let it sit and do it’s thing.

If you change the URLs within your WordPress website, this plugin will catch it and redirect it to its new location. It will also enable you to easily make your own custom redirects

Disqus Conditional Load (Functionality)

The Disqus comments bar at the bottom of the articles is practically on half of the WordPress blogs out there. There is a reason for that. They’re good.

The WordPress commenting system is trash. And full of spam. With practically no protection.

This new Disqus Plugin finally got rid of the heaviness of the original plugin and is now a light-weight and powerful plugin.

Strongly recommend.

Really Simple SSL (SEO)

Every website in 2020 needs to have SSL. There are no excuses. I don’t care if you don’t use your website for collecting sensitive information, you still need to get SSL.

Unless you’re an expect in databases and your confident when writing code to your htaccess file, I would just get this plugin.

It’s really light on the system and it will ensure that all the “http URLs” turn into “https URLs” after you purchase your SSL. This is important for SEO (duplicate content) and also important for site identification.

Code Snippets (Coding)

This is the perfect tool for beginner-moderate WordPress PHP coders. It will enable you to make changes to the code without going into your PHP Editor and first taking the whole website down with one silly mistake.

You’ll be able to insert code that you find on the internet directly into your functions.php without the stress of messing with such a sensitive file.

This plugin is light and won’t throttle your website.

There is also a backup fail-safe that the plugin created that will enable you to easily take control of the website in the worst-case scenario.

Code Snippet Website

Wordfence (Security)

I don’t like heavy plugins. I hate them in fact.

Unfortunately, the best option I’ve seen for WordPress security is Wordfence. It enables you to stop force-attacks and malware. It has a fantastic firewall among many other great features.

Make sure that you disable the “live” firewall option. That will sow your website down heavily! In the new version, they’ve taken it out.

In short, if you have a popular website, it will proabbaly start getting attention of spammers. You will need to protect your website.

Wordfence is the best option that I’ve seen so far. I just wished that they worked out a way to make it less heavy!

External Contact Forms (Not Plugin)

This may come as a complete shock to most WordPress experts, but I strongly caution against using Contact Form Plugins. They’re all bad. Many of them even have known bugs. I’ve tested enough of them to know that each one has it’s own special flavor of dysfunction…

My recommendation is to sign up for a Contact Form website. I personally use Formsite. The forms are super light. They work without issues. You won’t have loads of extra coding thrown on every page.

Uninstall all the other plugins and instead paste API embed code in the locations that you need them. The first 5 forms are free!