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The 7 tips to using the internet easily

These 7 tips will make using the Internet much easier:

7: Full screen mode. I love this trick and it is awfully simple. F11. On the top of your keyboard you will see the F11 key. Push it. Don’t worry, this isn’t a scam. Pushing F11 will not erase your computer or anything crazy like that. All it will do is enlarge your browser. To go back to normal mode, click F11 again. It is a neat trick.

6: Open another website in a new tab rather than in a new window. Browsers have changed and mostly for the best. You no longer need buildings just to operate one computer. You no longer insert floppy disks into long coin-slot gaps. And you are no longer limited to surfing just one website at a time. The sad thing is that some people haven’t caught on and they are still using only one website at a time. Stop. Please. Just the thought of it is hurting me. From now on when you want to go to a new link while still keeping your existing website alive, do this trick: Hold onto your ‘Control’ key situated in the left bottom corner of your keyboard and then click on the link. It is the coolest trick. Try it.

5: Get rid of toolbars. Some people love them. They love additional options. They love more choices. The rest of us hate it. We want what we use, and we don’t want to see or hear of anything else. All those additional gimmicks that browsers tend to overload at the top of the screen can be taken off. Go to the tools section and un-click all the extra toolbars.

4: Close other programs. Simple enough. If you have ten other programs open, your computer will slow down and so will your Internet. It is painful and unnecessary to wait 2 minutes for Google to load. Just close the Microsoft Word documents, Photoshop, iTunes, and World of Warcraft. Open them up again when you need them.

3: Get a good browser. This is a sensitive issue. Every person with an opinion on computers has a vicious opinion as to which browser is the best. And so I will be diplomatic. Make sure you are using either Chrome, Firefox or the new version of Internet Explorer. If you are not sure which browser you have, it is likely that you have the old version of Internet Explorer. Upgrade quickly. Everyone agrees that the older versions of Internet Explorer deserved to be nuked before they infiltrate our systems and rise against us.

2: Choosing the best size font. Most people don’t even know that they can change the size of their text on any webpage; and so rather than seeing their screens properly, they are either standing a football field away from it or leaning so close that they are a few moments away from psychedelia. All browsers have the option to change the text size. It is easy to find in the settings area. Adjust the size until you find what makes you feel most comfortable.

1: Use short-codes. Short codes are the trick to making your internet life easier. The ‘Control’ key is in the left bottom corner as I mentioned. You first hold the ‘Control’ key and then you click the other keys. In that order. Try all these short-codes to see what they do. Mastering these codes will save you so much time. Take it from someone who makes a living off his computer.

Control-T. Opens a new tab. This is the best way of opening another website in addition to the one already open.

Control-L. Brings you to the address bar. You can then start typing in your new web address.

Control-K. Lets you search. This is great short code. Depending on your browser, you can search either Google or Bing.

F5. Refresh. Lets you refresh the page. Awfully useful.

Alt- Opens the menu above.

Control-A. Selects everything.

Control-C. Copy. This will copy whatever has been selected.

Control-V. Paste. This will paste whatever you have selected.

Written by Samuel Citron from SABER Design.

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