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Moshiach Now App

Moshiach Now App Mockup Banner

The Saber Team is proud to roll out our latest app in the Jewish App Series, called the Moshiach Now App. This app, available in android and IOS, is a program aimed at learning to live with a Moshiach mindset.

Features of the Moshiach Now App

Moshiach Now App Mockup Banner

Here are the core features of the app:

  • Daily Moshiach Lesson
  • Three Daily Moshiach Challenges
  • Six Blessings for the Arrival of Moshiach
  • Notifications and Alerts
  • Moshiach Art and Videos
  • (Coming Soon) News related to Moshiach

There is also a section that explains the overall idea of Moshiach.

Download the App

Moshiach Now download banner with screenshots

The app is available for free in Android and IOS.


This app was developed and funded by the Saber Team in memory of Shaina Bracha Bas Shmuel.

The daily app lessons and Moshiach challenges were compiled by Rabbi Mendy Bresinger. The graphic design was done by Spotlight Design.

Contact Us

Do you have more ideas for us? Or comments about the app?

Feel free to reach out to the Saber Team via the form below!