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Our SEO Program

Capitalizing on our 10 years in the industry, the Saber Team has the experience and capability to propel your company to the top of Google. Our team, comprising of the industries top graphic designers, software engineers and marketing experts are dedicated to promoting your business. We are committed to helping our clients reach the largest potential within their demographic.

What's Our Secret?

Our clients always want to know more about the "algorithms and methods" that we must be using to "cheat our way" up to the top of Google.

Our answer is simple. We never use tricks. Ranking schemes are no longer effective, and Google quickly catch on to those who try to manipulate their system. The companies that attempt to trick the rankings, are eventually removed from Google Search.

Our policy has always been to steer far away from questionable SEO practices.

How we Rank #1 on Google?

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Our technique is simple.

We secure top-ranking positions for our clients by ensuring that they are the leaders within their industry. It's that simple.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to make sure that they have the best graphics, best design, and best content on the web! We don't settle for mediocre material or sub-par graphics, and we don't stop working until our client's website is the go-to location for everything within their niche.

Once the website is optimized for success, we configure the coding to ensure that it follows the detailed criteria as prescribed in the Google Guidelines.

Marketing for Success

Once the initial on-site work is completed, the Saber Team reaches out to influencers within the industry and begins making connections. Our skilled journalists and bloggers write authoritative articles on topics within the niche, while our graphic designers create images, info-graphs and artwork. The content writers research the most important and popular google keywords within the industry and create pages, posts and customized images that fill the need of the keyword.
"To truly ensure that we rank, we strive to be at least 20x better than the current leaders of the industry."

Shmuel Aber, CEO of the Saber Team

Continual SEO

Once the campaign is underway, our SEO experts analyze and examine the data. We redouble our efforts towards the keywords that are ranking, and we re-plan new strategies for the keywords that aren't yet ranking. We set up conversion trackers and implement A/B testing.

The true key to the Saber Team's success is our ability to scale together with our clients. Once our clients reach their first stages of success, we plan strategies on how to bring them to the next level.

How long does it take to rank?

Based on our experience, we anticipate early signs of ranking at the 3-4 month mark. After 9-12 months, we usually have several high-level keywords ranking on the 1st page. By 12 - 18 months, we expect to have a solid grasp on the majority of the high-level keywords within the niche.

How much are the monthly contracts?

The Saber Team offer 3 marketing packages. The rate and speed of the ranking success fluctuates depending on the plans.

The Basic Plan - $7,000 per month
The Deluxe Plan - $10,000 per month
The Retainer Plan - $20,000 per month

Our Process

Understanding your Marketing Investment
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Google Optimization

SEO (search engine optimization) Marketing
Rank on Google2

Higher Ranking

More brand visibility and awareness
Google Ranking on Mobile3

More Traffic

More customers to your website
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Greater ROI

More sales and return on investment

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