Difference between Domain Names and Hosting
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December 30, 2013

Difference between Domain Names and Hosting

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What is the difference between Domain Names and Hosting?

I get this question so many times that I have decided to write a quick blog post.

Here is an analogue.

A domain name is like a home address. If you want to go to your friend’s house you must type his address into your GPS. Same idea. If you want to go to Google you have to type www.google.com/ into your browser. When you purchase a domain name your users will be able to locate you on the Internet. But the domain name is not enough. The domain name is ONLY going to bring you to the website location.

Hosting is just as important. Hosting is like a house. It’s no good going to your friend’s address and finding no house built there. If you have no hosting you clients will find nothing but an empty white screen when they arrive at your website address. To have a functioning website you must store it online so that your website will be there when someone types your domain name.

The easiest way to get a domain name is to go to www.godaddy.com and buy it there. They usually have domain names for $11.99 per year (If you insert a promo code, it may be cheaper. Contact us in the comments and we will give you their latest promo codes).

Hosting is a little more expensive. Our price is $150 per year and the installation will cost a one-time-fee of $100. We also recommend host gator. They have terrific service.

Any questions. Ask us in the comments below.