Is a website a waste of money?
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December 1, 2010
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June 29, 2011

Is a website a waste of money?

Is a website a waste of money?

Is Saber Design a waste of time?

Does your business really need a Website?

Maybe not every business needs one… Or maybe they do? Keep reading…

The very busy owner of a grocery business — he has hundreds of clients who use him every week — tells me he’s not interested in hiring employees and growing into a multi-person company. He just wants enough customers to earn a good living, and he has plenty of work already. His business grows by word-of-mouth. If ever there was a business that did not need SABER design, this may be it. But maybe no… Read on.

Why someone would say “no” . . .

I’ve heard many small-business owners say they don’t think the cost of building a website is a good investment.

Small businesses may have been right before Saber Design entered the market. Most design companies will not even bother with you unless you’re interested in paying at least $1500 for the simplest design. Our prices start at $500 and for $700 you can get yourself a website that will make other businesses think you’ve invested thousands of dollars. If people know that you take pride in promoting your business they will take you far more seriously.

Others claim that no one will check the website.

For most businesses, that assumption is getting tougher to make, at least in the United States, where over 158 million people have Internet access. Gone are the days of the Yellow Pages.  For any common person interested in any business, product, idea or institution the first place they’ll check is online. If you have a store they will want to know your address, opening and closing times or maybe even see a few pictures to get an idea of what your store looks like. Institutions and firms need to tell the world about their original ideas and themes to encourage clients to choose them over their competitors.

“It takes forever for the website to be finished.”

At Saber Design we pride ourselves at the speed that our work gets completed. All the slow tedious programming is out-sourced to Argentina and India and the designing is done in America. You will be shocked when you find how fast your completed product will take. Most $500 and $700 websites are completed within 2 weeks flat and expedited requested jobs are finished within the week.

People will be searching for you online. Make sure you can be found!

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    Nice article. Good work. If i had Facebook i would click like. Definitely!

  2. Chaim says:

    I did a website with them after i got messed over by some %^#&@ in India. Saber was incredible to work with. My website looks beautiful and he created it for cheaper than the Indian quoted me.

  3. John says:

    I like the article!

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