Best Jewish iPhone Apps
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Best Jewish iPhone Apps

There are so many good Jewish iPhone apps on the market, but unfortunately very few that are truly remarkable. Here is our list of the best Jewish iPhone apps, with a focus on the apps that have a glaring edge above the rest. We have chosen our list based on three criteria: Content, design, and novelty. The list is only for apps that are exclusively Jewish. We have not included generic apps that have a Jewish theme.

#8 – Aleph Beis App

Designed by the Saber Team, and partnered with a group of preschool educators, the Aleph Beis App has been hailed on the best children apps on the market. Plans of an upgrade are in the works with more levels and more challenges. 

#7 – Jewish.TV

Browse through hundreds of Jewish Videos. The developers of this app designed a beautiful iPhone app interface and loaded it with great and original content. There are many apps on the market that have Jewish videos, but there are none that look half as classy, and none with even a tenth of the quality. This app is free and is available on both the iPhone and the iPad.

#6 – Mikvah Jewish Family

This app is a must-have for anyone who keep the laws of “Family purity”. Created by Rusty Brick, this app is both easy to use and a life-saving resource. One of the greatest time savers in the Jewish app scene.

#5 – CRC Kosher

Though the app design is completely outdated, the content from this app makes up for the 1990’s graphics. This app addresses a great need within the Kosher consumer market. Not all kosher food can be identified from the label and at times like that, this app is both easy to use and critical.

#4 – Artscroll Gemara 

There are tens of thousands of people who learn a folio of Gemera every day. This app has revolutionized the way that we can combine the ancient law with modern technology. With so many of the greatest explanations of the Talmud at our finger tips, this app made the list with ease.

#3 – iTorah

A stunning design accompanied by a myriad of options, this Torah app is a sure winner. This app has an English translation, detailed audio classes, a range of commentaries and interactive maps. The $28 price tag is worth every cent.

#2 – Siddur 

If there was one app that would be described as a “necessity” it would be the siddur app. With everything that you need to pray while on the go (or even when at home), this app is truly priceless. This is the type of app that makes you wonder how you ever managed before the smart-phone was invented.

#1 – Tefillin Guide

The Tefillin Guide is our number one choice because it not only incorporates the new IOS7 design, but also because it uses the actual iPhone hardware for its functionality. The mirror to straighten your Tefillin uses the front facing camera as a mirror, and the compass that points towards Jerusalem uses the iPhone’s magnetometer and accelerometer along with an algorithm that calculates the direction of the wailing wall from any place in the world.

The blessings for the Tefillin is transliterated into 7 languages enabling anyone to be able to read the prayers in their native language.

The Tefillin Guide app is available for the iPhone and iPad and is FREE.


Which apps do you think that we missed? Tell us in the comments below.