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About the Saber Team

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The Saber Team is a Long Island Web Development and Marketing Firm that was founded by Shmuel Aber in 2010. We specialize in SEO marketing, PPC advertising, website development, and application development.

Regardless of the project that we are involved in, the Saber Team has a reputation of achievement and professionalism that makes working with us both profitable and enjoyable. As one of the most authoritative voices within the marketing scene, we strive to harness our expertise towards the success of our clients.

What makes the Saber Team different?

The Saber Team focuses on bringing the very best end-products to our clients. In order to assure the success of our work, we carefully select the clients that we work with.

Our aim is to take our clients to the very top of their industries and we enjoy a successful track record.

Please submit your business and a short description within the email form on the services page and we will reply to you within a few business hours. You can also reach us at (347) 605-8874.

What types of projects does the Saber Team handle?

We offer extensive services in the following fields.

  • SEO Google Ranking
  • High-End Website Development
  • eCommerce and Online Store Development
  • App and Game Development
  • Advanced Social Marketing
  • PPC Advertising Campaigns

If you are interested in more information about our firm or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us via our contact us page.

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