4 Great Places to Advertise Online
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July 20, 2014

4 Great Places to Advertise Online

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Some website owners are content leaving their website to sit and stew, but most of them want to drive website visits proactively; and so they come to us for consultation.

We’ve been doing this for a while and here is our list of 4 Great Places to Advertise Online. This list is based on three factors: Ease of Use, RIO (return on investment), and affordability.


There are many ways to advertise within Mobile Applications. Platforms like iAds, Admob, or Revmob are great examples. Usually you have to do a lot of research when picking a platform because each has strengths and weaknesses. For the most part however, the horizontal ads at the bottom of the mobile apps are forceful, affordable, and effective.

You can control the types of apps that will show your ads and that enables you to market quite accurately to a specific audience.

Google Ad-words

This is probably the most famous form of Online Marketing. And for good reason- it’s effective. Very effective. You pick a search term that you think your potential customer will type into Google and you place a bid on the value of how much you think that click is worth. You can decide that “buy green pants” is worth up to $1.50 per click and everyone who types in your keyword may see a link to your website up the top. You only pay if they click your link. You can also pick the type of audience that will see your ad. You can have your Google ad only visible between 9pm – 10pm to men living in Brooklyn who are using the Safari browser and speak Spanish. You can get far more specific. We’ve barely touched the surface.

The biggest advantage of Google Adwords is that you are targeting a customer who is searching for your product when they see your ad.

Facebook adsFacebook

The modern king of advertising. Every user on Facebook has invested so much time telling Facebook what they like, and Facebook gives you the power to tap into that. No other online advertising gives you the selection options that Facebook can. You can restrict your ads to be visible to users who like the Star-wars fan page but don’t like Star Trek. It’s that specific.

Like the beginnings of most advertising platforms, Facebook’s pricing and bidding system had a rough and sporadic start, but it’s safe to say that they have gotten their act together. Facebook advertising is now effective, very affordable, and gives you so much control. No one but the perfect customers should be seeing your ads.

Local News Blogs

Most people are surprised when we tell them to go to small niche blogs rather than Facebook and Google. Local blogs will not weed out all the stray and non relevant customers. There will be, for example, many non-dog-walkers who will end up on a blog about dog-walking. These stray visitors will have no need for the special leash that you are trying to sell. They will most likely navigate away from the whole website without reading a single word. And yet we still say that niche blogs are the best.

Niche and local news blogs have the one thing that the larger corporations have. Loyalty. Nothing trumps a loyal fan base. Even if 95% of the people looking at your ad aren’t interested in your product, the 5% loyal fans of the niche website will over-compensate. The loyal fans of the website that you advertise on will transfer their loyalty merely by association. We’ve seen it too many times.

Loyalty trumps all else, even perfectly targeted advertising.

Where do you advertise? Tell us about your advertising experiences in the comments below.