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With Chanukah coming up again (Tuesday night, December 12, 2017), The Saber Team has rolled out a brand new update for The Chanukah App. The Chanukah App will help you celebrate Hanukkah in style, and using the latest technology.

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What’s in the Chanukah Guide App?

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The Chanukah App is packed with new and exciting features. A dreidel (spinning top) game which generates randomized results so that everyone play dreidel on the go without having to schlep along a dreidel.

The front screen features an option on the Home Screen reminding you how many candles need to be lit.

The app is also equipped with a counter, the blessings in 7 languages , picture sharing options, tutorials, and social sharing integration.

The app is optimized for IOS 8 and iPhone 6+, and almost all android devices.

The android link for the app:

The IOS link for the app:

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The Hanukkah App in the News

Chanukah AppThis app was named by the Jewish App Review as the #1 Hannukah App of 2014. This Chanukah App was featured in Forbes, Collive,, and the Jewish App Review.

The Chanukah Guide has ranked in the Top 100 Charts in over 15 countries and gets thousands of downloads during the Chanukah Season. It has also been featured in many online blogs and news outlets.

Thousands of users across the world have downloaded the app so far. The feedback that we’ve received has been tremendous.

Future updates for the Chanukah App

The Saber Team is planning a complete overhaul of the graphics and functionality of the Chanukah App. It will unlikely be finished by Chanukah 2016, but we are hoping that it will finished long before Chanukah of 2017. Our plans are also to  fix up the Dreidel game and make it more interactive and also to add more Chanukah Games. Stay tuned to find out more.

We would love to extend an invitation to our users to send us some of the their positive ideas for any future updates. Some of our best functionalities and features have come from user-base. You can fill out the contact form.

How to play Dreidel?

Dreidel is typically played with spinning top with four sides. Each player takes his turn by spinning the top. His luck is decided by whichever side of the Dreidel is facing up. The four letters that are on the Dreidel represent the actions taken by each player. The player that spins “Nun” (gets nothing), “Gimmel” (wins everything), “Hay” (receives half), “Shin” (puts into the pot). Players can play for money, candy, tokens etc…

The Dreidel represents the game that the Jews pretended to play in order to disguise the fact that they were learning Torah, an act outlawed by the Greeks. Chanukah celebrates the Jewish victory against the Greek oppression.

How to use the Dreidel on the Chanukah app?

The app has a dreidel that can take the place of a real (wooden or metal) dreidel. The dreidel is activated by putting both fingers on the app and spinning (in either direction). The animated dreidel will spin and then randomly generate one of the faces of the dreidel. We coded the dreidel to generate the answers without any order or pattern. Feel free to give it a wirl!

What is Chanukah?

Hanukkah AppsMore than two thousand years ago, the Holy Land was ruled by the Syrian-Greeks, who tried to rid the Jewish people of Judaism. A small band of faithful Jews, the Makabies, defeated one of the mightiest armies on earth. They drove the Greeks from the land, reclaimed the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and rededicated it to the service of G-d.

When they sought to light the Temple’s menorah, they found only a single cruse of olive oil that had escaped contamination by the Greeks; miraculously, the one-day supply burned for eight days, until new oil could be prepared under conditions of ritual purity.

To celebrate the miracles, the Jewish sages declared the festival of Chanukah. Every night of the festival we observe the menorah (candelabrum) lighting. A single flame on the first night, two on the second, until the eighth night of Chanukah, when all eight lights are kindled.

9 Replies "Chanukah App"

  • Tracy
    October 7, 2014 (10:04 pm)

    I found this article while reading through your blog. Thank you so much for this app. I can’t wait to use it on Hanukkah!

  • clarence
    October 8, 2014 (1:03 am)

    downloaded it and love it

  • Alfred
    November 26, 2015 (5:23 pm)

    I love the new android update! Fantastic!

  • Helena Smithson
    November 30, 2015 (1:29 pm)

    Can’t wait to use this app I just downloaded- Chanukah is my favorite holiday!

  • Shaun
    December 5, 2015 (7:41 pm)

    Great app. Just to point out that there is an error in the section HOW TO LIGHT on the 6th line it says, ” On the first night, set the candle to the far right one half hour.” Chanukah sameach !

  • Craig
    July 26, 2016 (11:00 pm)

    One of the best Jewish apps, hands down!

  • Stacy
    October 31, 2016 (12:47 am)

    Amazing amazing app. This is the best Chanukah app on the market. Used it since it first came out. Thanks saber team for the wondeful app!

  • Yaakov
    November 2, 2016 (1:07 pm)

    Just downloaded it. Can’t wait for Chanukah to start

  • L L Manin
    November 13, 2016 (12:53 am)

    I love the dreidel game. Planning to use it for the family game this year. YAY!

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