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October 30, 2016
Chanukah App
Chanukah App
November 6, 2016

Mezuzah Guide

Mezuzah App

The Saber Team and Machon Stam are proud to announce the latest application in the Saber Team’s suite of Jewish Apps, the Mezuzah Guide App.

Here are the links to download the Mezuzah App:

App Android App IOS

The content and responses on the Mezuzah Guide is managed by the scribes at Machon Stam. Together with the Saber Team, the amazing staff at Machon Stam helped plan the application and partnered with the promotion and release of the app.

The features:

  • A complete tutorial
  • Authenticate your scroll directly with a scribe
  • Measure the correct location to place the Mezuzah
  • Ask a question to the scribes
  • The blessings to be said upon putting up the Mezuzah

Mezuzah App

Together with the other apps created by the Saber Team, like the Chanukah Guide App, Tefillin App and the Purim App, the Mezuzah Guide App has been mentioned all across the news and social media.

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