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November 13, 2015
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Chitas Guide App

Chitas App

The Saber Team is proud to present the latest addition to our suite of Jewish Apps, the Chitas Guide. The Chitas Guide, funded in memory of Shaina Bracha Bas Shmuel, was developed in order to help motivate the studying of Chitas (Chumash with Rashi, Tanya and Rambam). The app is currently still in beta version. More updates expected soon.

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The objective of the app is to test the comprehension of the Chitas learnt that day. It is our hope that our users will put more of an emphasis on the understanding of the daily chitas if they know that they are being quizzed on the material.

So far, we’ve created content for the Chumash with Rashi section of the Chitas. Once we get additional funding, our hope is to roll out content for Tanya and Rambam.

Chitas App

The first update of the app, slotted for early November will contain the entire Bereishis. Future updates will hopefully contain the remainder of the Torah. This app is still in a beta version and all feedback is greatly appreciated. You can reach out to the Saber Team and tell us your thoughts. We also welcome any corrections or comments. We will read the emails that get sent to us. Due to the volume of incoming emails, we will only answer the emails that we feel require a response.

The Saber Team have also created many other Jewish applications, many of which have been featured throughout press and social media. Among the more famous applications are the Tefillin Guide, Chanukah App and the Mezuzah App.

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